Feel the Magic at Your Fingertips

Tanvas: The Touchable Canvas It is without question that technology has transformed our perception of time. Living lives of instant gratification; we have grown accustomed to having everything immediately at our fingertips.…

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Symphony Reinvented

Shea Arender CEO of the Las Vegas Symphony Orchestra   With over 40 million visitors a year, Las Vegas has become an entertainment mecca and Shea Arender is here to be a…

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Wade Martin

MUSIC PRODUCER TO THE STARS TAKING OVER LAS VEGAS Artist | Celebrity DJ | Award Winning Producer   Wade Martin is an English-born artist, celebrity DJ, music producer, and owner of Wade…

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D-Zyn Corner

June The Season of Entertaining   This is a great season for showing off your beautiful home. Family and friends will gather in your beautiful kitchen and eat at that spectacular dining room…

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Top 3 Men’s Summer Accessories

Heading from the city to the tropics? Men’s summer fashion is all about maintaining minimalism in order to keep cool during the scorching summer heat. But how does one maintain an eye-catching…


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