off the beaten path - mount Charleston

Off the Beaten Path – Mount Charleston

Welcome to September to all my readers! I am writing about Mt. Charleston this month, because it is the most perfect time of the year to enjoy a hike in the gorgeous…

angeles scorsetti design high rise life magazine

A-La-Mode Interior Design with Angeles Scorsetti

In our ever-changing world when everything is fast paced and dynamically evolving, style and fashion must be kept up to speed! A designer’s work must be imaginative, inspiring, creative, intelligent, and a-la-mode.…

Real Estate Market Trends

Las Vegas Real Estate Market Update July, 2017 As we move to hot July, real estate market is heating up. Our inventory is still decreased, but demand and median home prices continue…

bronze goddess high rise life magazine

Bronze Goddess

Tanning can be hazardous to your health, but no matter which skin tone you have, you no longer need to feel beholden to the sun. Bronzers safely give the appearance of sun-kissed…

haute summer fashion high rise life magazine

Haute in Summer

Resign your prints and florals to spring. Making fashion haute in summer is about wearing loose and airy whites with reams of texture for emphasis. Get ready to grab your favorite bag…

amalfi coast high rise life magazine

Amore, that is Amalfi Coast!

Confessions of an unplanned traveler Photos by Zack Hussain Italy is romanticized in novels, magazines and movies with its rich culture, history, heritage, fashion, and food. It is a destination on everyone’s…


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