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Photos by Ella Gagiano, Ella Gagiano Studios What started out as a socially minded entrepreneur’s idea to promote the beauty and diversity of music industry has blossomed into a bona fide movement. Legacy Records CEO, Keishia McLeod’s innovative approach is making waves in the music industry as the first recording label to pay its artists

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Baccarat Invites Yoshiki to Collaborate For The Launch Of Harcourt Show Exhibition

Photo Courtesy of  Baccarat From the top of its hexagonal foot and its triple-buttoned leg, the Harcourt glass celebrates its 180th anniversary this year. Born under Louis-Philippe, it has survived almost two centuries without losing its crystalline aura. Featured on the tables of all epicureans, the Harcourt glass is a timeless but contemporary piece, with around 20,000 sold each year. To celebrate this anniversary in style, Baccarat has invited Yoshiki as well as other renowned artists

Kombucha – The Fermented Tea For Your Health

Are you familiar with the story of the “elixir of life”? The mythical concoction grants the drinker eternal life and youth while being able to cure all diseases. Throughout time people have searched for the fabled elixir of life. It has been said that ancient emperors of China sent thousands of travelers in search of the elixir all of whom were lost and never returned. Well the search is over because it is now commercially available,

Miami to Become Home to World’s First Blue Zones Center

Blue Zones and Adventist Health have partnered with Legacy Hotel & Residences to open the first flagship well-being & medical facility Photos Courtesy of  Legacy Hotel & Residences Downtown Miami’s highly anticipated mixed-use development, Legacy Hotel & Residences, today signed a record-breaking joint venture deal with Adventist Health called Blue Legacy Ventures (JV). The JV will lease and operate a first of its kind 120,000-square-foot health and well-being center. As one of the largest commercial leases

Fairmont Century Plaza

Ushers in A New Age of  Glamour in Los Angeles Photos Courtesy of  Fairmont Century Plaza The completely reimagined Fairmont Century Plaza will build upon its legacy as a Los Angeles cultural landmark and haven for visionaries across art, film, music, politics, and business. The hotel pays tribute to its star-studded history while ushering in a new age of glamour, infusing cutting-edge amenities with pioneering guest experiences. Originally deemed “The Hotel of the Future,” famed architect

Winging 2021

Things are slowly starting to “get back to normal” and let’s all admit we are excited to be welcoming in a new year.. Even though, masks being required is still in effect as well as social distancing, this doesn’t mean that we can’t try new things to enhance our look.  This year alone, we’ve had some creativity in production between styling our eyebrows and trying out new lashes. Our eyes are our main point of contact,

San Diego’s Premier Music Venue Opens

Photos Courtesy of San Diego Symphony Orchestra They say if you put your ear against a shell, you’ll hear music.  The Rady Shell at Jacobs Park is San Diego’s newest music venue and is the shape of a shell.  It is also home to the San Diego Symphony and host to an eclectic mix of musical events.   The Rady Shell at Jacobs Park stands along the Embarcadero in Downtown San Diego, where it is easily

Blended Festival

A New Wine and Music Experience Coming to a City Near You Photos Courtesy of Blended Festival  In 2019 the Blended Festival was held for the first time in San Diego and provided attendees a unique experience of wine, live music, dining, lifestyle, and wellness along the downtown San Diego waterfront. Finally, back again in 2021, except larger and expanded to two more cities, the Blended Festival returns to San Diego on October 15 and 16, 2021 for two days of curated experiences. Organized by My Wine Society,

Toca Madera

Hospitality Group Noble 33 announces the continued expansion of  Toca Madera with their newest location in Las Vegas Photos Courtesy of  Noble 33 Hospitality Group Noble 33 announces today the expansion of highly acclaimed restaurant brand, Toca Madera, into Las Vegas nestled in between the ARIA Resort & Casino and The Shops at Crystals on the Las Vegas Strip. This new location will be Noble 33’s first venture in Las Vegas and marks Toca Madera’s third

5 Simple, Natural Ways to Boost Immunity

Courtesy of Family Features. Your body’s immune system protects against illness and infection, fighting off threats before you even know there’s a problem. Even though your immune system usually does its job automatically, you can give it a boost with habits that promote wellness and support immunity. Eat healthy fruits and vegetables. Although you may not be aware they contain flavonoids, these phytochemicals found in some fruits and veggies are a vital part of maintaining health.

Chicken Cordon Bleu Kebabs

Prep time: 15 minutes Cook time: 10 minutes Servings: 3  Skewers Nonstick cooking spray 2 chicken breasts (6 ounces each), cubed 1 ham steak (6 ounces), cubed 6 bamboo skewers (8 inches) 1 tablespoon Dijon mustard 1 teaspoon pure maple syrup 1/4 teaspoon ground black pepper 1/4 teaspoon paprika 1 teaspoon extra-virgin olive oil Sauce 2 tablespoons butter 2 tablespoons flour 1 cup lactose-free 2% milk 1 teaspoon Dijon mustard 1 cup shredded Swiss cheese salt,

Letter From the Editor

Dear Reader, 

Welcome to our October Entertainment issue.

There is an inevitable surge of artistic creativity in the pages that follow.  

This issue is special because it nods to ideas that are in the  DNA of High Rise Life magazine, while looking forward with new perspectives and new trends, as well as an exploration  of entertainment industries increasingly diverse and inclusive spirit.  

 With this in mind, we enlisted one of entertainment worlds most refreshing new faces to star on our cover: Keishia McLeod, CEO of Legacy Records. Legacy Records, based out of Las Vegas, Nevada is the first known American recording label to pay its artists, vendors, and contractors in cryptocurrency.  

The best bit? We get to share it all with you. 


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