Tis the season of love, or tis the season for making others fall in love? How about falling in love with yourself?

Being beautiful is full time work, but you are worth the time and investment. Aside from treating yourself to some fine wine and chocolates get ready to lash yourself this year.

Classic Lashes

Not only are they lightweight and create more of a natural subtle look, it compliments your eyes no matter what color they are and still is able to create the look of a thicker lash line. What does classic lashes say about you? It simply states that you not only have confidence within yourself but the beauty that burns within, grabs the attention of others.

Flirty Lashes

Being considered a popular look among eye lashes, flirty lashes are a great look for anyone who is looking to flatter or be flattered. What does flirty lashes say about you? You are mesmerizing, captivating and flirtatious. A perfect combination that will make this valentine one to remember.

Mink Lashes

With a luxurious look and feel, mink lashes create more of a fuller and thicker look. These lashes are made for the bold. What does mink lashes say about you? You are made for the spotlight you are independent and aren’t afraid to be noticed. A true attention grabber, you won’t have a hard time getting someone to notice you.


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