I can’t tell you how many times people who have never been to Las Vegas have asked me, “Why in the world do you live in Las Vegas?”
My response is, that I love the outdoor activities just as much as the city life that Vegas offers. They usually give me a stunned look of surprise because most people only hear about the Gambling Casino’s, the big production shows, the bright lights, and girls, girls, girls.

The truth is, there is as much to do for outdoor enthusiast as there are for those that love the glitz and glamour or the city life. I raised three kids here in Las Vegas, and I always occupied my children with plenty of outdoor activities. Fresh air and exercise are important- especially for growing children.

Fresh air in Vegas, you ask? Especially, if you have witnessed the occasional ominous grayish blue fog, that hovers the heart of downtown on days with little to no air movement.
Fresh air in Vegas? Yes, absolutely! In fact, located only 15 miles west of the Strip, is Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, which not only offers fresh air, but a 13-mile scenic drive where visitors can pull off the road and go hiking, biking and rock climbing. There are designated areas for novice rock climbers and places, where children can have adventures in climbing over and exploring the stunning nature painted landscape or hiking on a trail to a waterfall.
For the more advanced climbers, there are areas where you can challenge yourself to some serious vertical climbs.

Also, for educational and informative purposes, you can stop by the visitor center located at the base of where you enter for the scenic drive. The visitor center can be intriguing for people who are not familiar with the native desert plants and animals as well as the indigenous insects and reptiles that live happily in our surrounding desert.

The Red Rock Canyon visitor center offers interactive information about the area’s history, wildlife, vegetation, recreation, and in-depth information about our valley’s geology.

Red Rock Canyon spans approximately 195,000 or more acres on the west side of Las Vegas, where one can enjoy the wonderful and colorful sandstone formations, canyons, natural springs, waterfalls, wildlife in their natural habitat and more.

While driving through Red Rock Canyon, it is common to see desert bighorn sheep and wild burros on a daily basis walking on the side of the road, so have your camera ready.

There are horseback trail rides at Bonnie Springs. The old Western Ghost Town features live performances, museum, and a petting zoo, featuring many kinds of animals native to our Nevada Sierra ranges. Bonnie Springs, is also where you can get the best hot cocoa anywhere in the valley at their restaurant, which overlooks a beautiful pond with swans and geese and turtles. Feeding the turtles is a must!

Red Rock Canyon is just one location of several for outdoor enthusiasts. I will write more about other great places to see for, those who enjoy the outdoors as much as me. Follow me on “Facebook.com/HighRiseLifeVegas” or feel free to write to me and tell me about your fun experience in the outdoors of the Las Vegas Valley area at “Francesca@highriselifevegas.com.” I would love to hear about your favorite outdoor places and activities.

Love you Vegas Peeps ~ Francesca

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