We are certainly not dismissing the fact that we are in the depth of the Holiday Season…but let’s jump forward and take a good look at what you want to achieve in your beautiful home for the coming year.

I always loved putting up the decorations for the holidays, because I was adding the wonderful colors of the season, the bright lights that added zing to the room. Then when it came down I thought…where is that zing? Where are the lights? What can I do to liven up my home the rest of the year?

We get cards sharing the sentiment of Joy! Peace! So how can we look through that lens and see what your home needs to continue bringing Joy and Peace to you and your family in the new year.

Have you heard the term Feng Shui? It is a thousands years old practice of applying the secrets of Chinese wisdom for your health, wealth and happiness. Well if it’s been around that long, there must be a bit of truth in it right?

I have a dear customer, who asked me to study Feng Shui so, that her new home was positioned correctly on the plot of land they bought. She wanted to make sure, as the winds of time progressed,that her home was healthy and brought peace to those who lived there.

So off to university I went for some classes. When she and her husband decided to change the way the house was laid out, without consulting their new Feng Shui designer, I had to be the bearer of bad news,that she had actually altered the creative flow within the new walls.

Off course, I came up with good solid solutions for her and the house certainly was one of happiness and peace for them for the years they were there, but why ask someone to study something for you and then forget the premise of why you wanted the study to commence in the first place.

You have chosen a home that you fell in love with. Utilizing all the trade secrets, including a practice that is thousands of years old, to create the very best living space for you and your family is just practical.

You look out your vast windows and see air, sun, sky. How can you bring all that Joy inside and create a magnificent area of peace for you to live in.

Where you place your furniture, accessories and how you position your lighting. These can be true factors in how you feel when you sit down to enjoy the space.

Placing a Money Tree in the correct corner of the room…brings more wealth back to you. The tree actually thrives when it’s placed correctly.

My husband has always told our friends, that I am the Queen of Silk Plants…and he is right, but it is also just as important to have live, thriving plants as well, because they help produce oxygen in the room.

Colors, textures, lighting….all these can make or break your environment. I had a customer who did not live in her home at one time because she told me it was cold and uninviting.

She and her husband rented this magnificent plantation home to someone else and they lived in an apartment above their

Once, we chose the correct color palette, lighting and furnishings, she swore she would never leave that house.
That house became a spiritually uplifting domain where she thrived in building a new creative business…you can unleash many things when your home makes you happy.

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