High Rise, Loft and Luxury Living in large cities is not a new concept. Cities have long been built up-up-up as land became less and less available, and populations grew. In the Las Vegas Valley, it is not so much the lack of land available, as it is the Grandiose sights that have developers looking to our crystal blue skies and building high rise residential towers.
Whether tucked up to the mountains of the Red Rocks, or downtown in the gut of our glittery city, stepping out on your deck to look at the spectacular views is something the luxury buyer is taking advantage of.But what do you want to do inside to complement these fabulous panoramas? Certainly your home should not only be your “castle” but how do you arrange the environment to match the external views.
If you love Old World designs, or Transitional furnishings, or gravitate to the sleek, shiny looks of Contemporary, you can have whatever you love, and still compliment the views of the city.


This designer truly believes that in order to create your personal Comfort Zone, you need to be true to your soul. My family has long been in love with color and design, we got it from generations before us who knew what they liked to be surrounded with, and yet, if you sat my sister’s and I down together, you would not get a same look from any angle. Individually we just aren’t the same.
Neither are you. Looking in a fine furnishings store such as Designs by Simmons on south Rainbow, you become aware that their store looks to satisfy the individual tastes of many. They employ professional designers who can guide you through your design process, meeting with you in your home, to take in the scope of your project, the environment and then your likes and dislikes.
Working with a professional can be intimidating, at first. But if you let it be a great adventure, you will Love the end result. It can also save you money! That’s right.
If you wander into any of the larger furniture stores where there are interesting, but overwhelming choices, you will be accosted by the Sales person whose turn it is to sell you something. Now sometimes they let you wander, but remember they are there to sell the merchandise…this does not mean they want to sell you what you need, they need to sell you what they have.
A designer on the other hand will interview you and find out what it is you are trying to accomplish. Then with thoughtful consideration and lots of homework, will provide you with a Plan, color schemes and furnishings.
Your time is valuable…don’t let your brain tell you…”We can do this, let’s just go hit all the stores and see what’s up.” The end result is buying something that does not fit your needs, your budget or in the room you thought it would fit.
I cannot express the number of times I have had someone fall in love with a piece of furniture, buy it, pay for delivery and set up and then say…it really doesn’t look like I thought it would…or it doesn’t fit! It looked so good in the store.
If the designer you are working with is on top of their game, they can save you time and money, and take the stress out of doing it wrong…Your time is something to spend wisely.
Today is a Present, tomorrow is the Future. Promise to spend it wisely, work with a professional who can understand your Dreams and develop the plan to achieve them.
Live your High Life Style!

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